Vishva Nalamalapu

Science Writer


Lost Seasons and New Beginnings

The Grinnell Magazine, March 2022

In the spring of 2020, the Charles Benson Bear ’39 Recreation and Athletic Center was silent. There were no clangs of weights hitting the fitness center floor, no music booming from the locker rooms, and no thud of footsteps on the track. The College had canceled spring seasons because of the pandemic.

Finding the Message Essential to Neuron-Muscle Signal Transmission

Grinnell College, July 2021

Clark Lindgren, professor of neuroscience, studied physics as an undergraduate at Wheaton College. One day he picked up his girlfriend’s physiology textbook. “I was just captivated by it. It was the coolest thing,” he remembers. He realized that physiology is fundamentally applying physical theories to biological problems.

Students Experience Iowa’s Subtle Beauty

Grinnell College, June 2021

Far from tall mountains, deep oceans, and dense forests, the environment Grinnell College is in isn’t often regarded as obviously beautiful. As such, many students come to the College for other reasons — the liberal arts academics, the mentored research, the focus on purpose, responsibility, and justice, the diverse perspectives.