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The Giving Tree and the Not-Giving Boy

Last week, I encountered the idea of reciprocal relationships with the environment for what felt like the first time. I was reading...

Floaters and Their Unwinnable Games

I cross the threshold of my front door into a burst of sunlight. I blink a few times and look around. All is as it was—asphalt punctuated...

An Ode to Old Man's Beard

The air is still and heavy with a dense fog. My ears are alert, listening for the soft pad of paws on soil or the distinctive snap of a...

Erratic Rock, Erratic Times

A few meters into Olympic National Park’s Heather Park Trail, I came across a weary, elderly man. “Are you hiking to Halfway Rock?” I...

Sea Breezes: A Runner's Foe

On one of my few daily excursions out of my house during this time of COVID-19 and stay at home orders, I go for a run. Some days, I run...

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